In the era of digitalization, zero downtime is the expectation. One way companies can minimize the risk of unplanned downtime is analyzing Internet of Things (IoT) data from a wide variety of assets to quickly identify problems before they occur.

From fitness wearables and smart home appliances to medical applications, smart city and agriculture, the world now runs on Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Millions of products are already connected to cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and low-energy wireless applications. With scalable and cutting-edge IoT testing solutions, Element will navigate you

through the complex path to compliance, accelerating your time to market and unlocking access to global IoT networks.

Our IoT testing services

We have extensive capabilities to provide the services which you need to successfully access the IoT market. We help clarify the options when starting out and provide guidance on which technologies provide the best fit for your application, then conduct relevant and comprehensive testing and certification. From conformance with standards, carrier acceptance and interoperability testing, to the latest  ecosystem, device level and end-to-end IoT environment tests, Element can guide you to market access.

Our IoT testing services cover a wide range of wireless devices including radios, Wi-Fi, RFID, ZigBee, Bluetooth and BLE devices, with customers from the Healthcare & Life Sciences, Consumer and Home, Energy, Buildings Transportation, Industrials and IT & Networks industries.