Most of the software development firms leverage mobile platforms to unveil their technology
competency and promptness to capture the market share. Mobile platform is a new frontier for
the business sustainability, growth and brand distinctiveness. But innovation of technologies
brings many testing needs and challenges that suggest ways to Mobile Apps Testing.
Especially on the Mobile platform, software development and testing will be like two peas in a
pod. Certainly not undermining the development effort here but goal of testing should be aligned
with the quality of offerings.

  • Devices
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Platforms
  • Usability – Testing
  • Performance – Testing

Our mobile testing service will test the functionality and user experience of your mobile
application or responsive website across every applicable mobile operating system. Our team
will adapt to your development process to deliver clear, useful, easily-reproduced bug reports.
Our mobile testing teams use physical devices, not emulators, which allows us to test the
compatibility of your app or website on a wide variety of hardware, OS, and browser versions on
different carriers.
We support all major mobile device operating systems and are stocked with many different
mobile devices and we’re always adding more to keep our selection current.